For decades teachers have been trying to maximize their front of the room interactive display and design ways to engage students. Great teachers have been the driving force in educational technology advancements. They have asked for tools that will provide more interaction, more collaboration and a deeper level of engagement. As interactive boards entered the classrooms, the wow factor has always been the sheer fact that teachers and students could touch and interact. Teachers took these capabilities and ran with them. They had discovered an easier way to engage students and strengthen content connections. These tools and capabilities are no longer in the forefront of conversations, because teachers have adopted them and they have now become an expectation.

It is expected that their front of the room interactive display remains interactive and will provide a natural writing experience, with smooth touch movements and tools that foster productivity.

As tools move from introduction to adoption, teachers start looking for additional tools that provide a more immersive learning experience. Tools that enhance and drive student learning, while making instruction seamless and simple to design.

Promethean® has done extensive feedback sessions with teachers to find out what tools they need to improve engagement within the modern classroom. Tools that maintain the “expected” experience, but embrace the technology that students will utilize in the real world. Interactive touch technology is the classroom catalyst for efficient instruction and student achievement.

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Author: Angela Ardoin is currently the Head of Regional Professional Development at Promethean assisting districts with effectively integrating 21st Century technology into the classroom setting. Angela is a Google Certified teacher with ten years of classroom experience in which she was a district Model Technology Teacher, a LATAP Preservice Teacher, Teacher of the Year and state Teacher of the Year for LACUE.