According to the recent U.S. State of Technology report, classroom technology is a top priority for students to compete in a tech-driven world.

As school districts increasingly leverage education technology to improve student engagement and create new learning opportunities, Promethean sought to provide teachers, educational leaders, and industry experts with a comprehensive view of current classroom technologies, adoption, usage, and trends over the next five years.

The 1,000-person survey results demonstrate both great opportunity and challenges in the field of edtech. While almost all respondents, including educators, IT administrators, curriculum directors, and principals, understand edtech’s benefits, the data indicates legacy infrastructure, organizational inertia, and competing priorities continue to act as barriers to adoption.

In addition, the survey identified:

  • Teachers are ready to use edtech in the classroom, with more than 70 percent indicating they know more about technology than their students.
  • More than 50 percent of those surveyed believe online content and resources will see the greatest classroom growth in the next five years.
  • Reducing the student achievement gap is a top priority for 57 percent of administrators and 54 percent of teachers.
  • Most administrators surveyed indicate they evaluate edtech success by the level of student engagement, teacher feedback, and overall results.

Are you putting edtech at the head of the class? Download the full U.S. State of Technology report to find out what other schools and districts are prioritizing when it comes to their 2019-2020 strategy.

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