Join us online on November 8 to see how you can innovate with Promethean on National STEM Day. We’ll be streaming live from Promethean’s STEM lab where you will see demos of the ActivPanel with STEM apps, tools, and lessons that can be easily replicated in the classroom. In addition, we’ll explore all the teaching possibilities with our new Whiteboard App and lesson delivery software. We are offering several 30-minute sessions throughout the day for both administrators and teachers.

Administrator Sessions

Join us as we demonstrate how the ActivPanel supports STEM initiatives in the classroom. We will share how the Promethean suite of products works to support STEM and provide a LIVE Q&A with Promethean leaders in the EdTech industry.

Teacher Sessions

Learn how to innovate with your ActivPanel. We will explore instructional strategies and ideas to support delivering STEM curriculum using your ActivPanel.  Learn about robotics, VR, simulations, and various apps to see how they all can be taught right from your ActivPanel!

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See you on Thursday, NOV8 to celebrate National STEM Day.