We hope that you were able to pull a few great nuggets from our previous blog post, “5 Characteristics of a Winning Education Grant Proposal.”  Now that we covered what leads to a great grant submission, let’s focus on the top three mistakes to avoid when pulling together a grant submission.

  1. Not Meeting Guidelines & Requirements

Grant guidelines and requirements aren’t optional; they’re required. It’s important to read through guidelines and requirements thoroughly to ensure that you’ve checked off on all your boxes. If your grant requires you to include an evaluation plan, make sure that you include a detailed evaluation plan. Not including that information in your grant proposal will automatically get your proposal in the “no” pile.

2. Loose Ends 

From fruition to execution, the logistical coordination on a project often requires you to work closely with your school district. When reading your grant submission, grant reviewers want to be certain that you’ve thought through the ins and outs of your proposal, and there are no questions left unanswered that could potentially lead to a failed project.

3. No Passion

Hundreds and thousands of teachers apply for the same grants. While every teacher makes a case to receive a grant, grant reviewers have to rely on another mechanism to choose a winning submission: passion. Passion fuels a completed grant submission that checks off all of the boxes. Without passion, a submission will lack a compelling story.

Are there any other things that teachers should avoid when pulling together a grant submission? Comment and let us know below.

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