Important qualities school IT administrators look for in classroom tech products are speed, reliability, and ease of use. According to a recent Promethean study, over 80 percent of teachers and administrators believe that educational technology accelerates learning in their schools but are deterred by a heavy learning curve.  One of the most important keys to success when purchasing and implementing new interactive displays is selecting teacher-friendly technology. It’s an understatement that teacher workloads are stacked high, and now more than ever, they need technology that offers innovation and ease-of-use.

The new ActivPanel Elements Series will help teachers save valuable prep time, making their workload manageable. From getting started to personalizing the panel just like a smartphone, let’s delve into how ActivPanel Titanium will take students’ learning experience to the next level.

Walk-Up, Touch and Go

ActivPanel Titanium’s dual proximity sensors power up the panel in seconds, allowing the classroom to be ready the moment the teacher walks in each day. Quick and easy navigation on the center console is especially helpful for teachers who travel between classrooms throughout the school day.

Teachers are now free from tedious board calibration and endless frustration with Promethean’s exclusive Vellum writing technology. With 20 simultaneous touch points on ActivPanel Titanium, engaging students in a hands-on curriculum has never been easier with a Promethean Whiteboard App activity in Multi-User Mode.

For K-5 and special education teachers, Titanium’s new features will make the panel the ultimate teaching assistant. Choose the ActivPanel stand that best fits the classroom needs, including height-adjustable options that allow the teacher to expand activity types. Along with Vellum’s improved writing experience, turning palm reject on will give younger students added confidence in front of the ActivPanel to showcase what they’ve learned.

Easy access to the new Unified Menu from multiple sides of the panel, allows teachers to segue the lesson untethered between activities. All of the Classroom Essential Apps come pre-installed on Titanium, including the popular Promethean Annotate App. Take notes on top of educational apps or live videos to communicate directly and precisely.

Apply the Next Day

Seventy-three percent of teachers polled in Promethean’s recent study stated that they use their front of class display solely as a projection screen for displaying lesson content. All too often, teachers feel overwhelmed by technology after an initial training session, without realizing which best practices can be easily implemented in their classrooms. Teachers can apply what they’ve learned in their personalized professional development session on ActivPanel Titanium with practical solutions that match their teaching style.

After ensuring that the ActivPanel is connected to the internet, select the Screen Share app to mirror lesson content and exhibit student work. Receiving live updates on student progress will propel engagement through a medium that is familiar to them. Whether it is a STEM app or a writing workshop, the opportunities to expand and auto-differentiate lessons are endless.

Over half of the teacher respondents believed that cloud-based lesson planning and delivery tools were the fastest growing educational technology in the next 5 years. For administrators, using technology to boost engagement and enhance collaboration are vital aspects they want staff to prioritize within best practices.

ClassFlow is the cloud-based solution that gives teachers the power to connect students to lesson content with any curriculum. Enabling collaboration among students for assignments and activities created will increase classroom interactivity and higher levels of engagement.

School administrators that champion team-building and project-based learning initiatives often measure a new technology’s success through teacher and student feedback. Polling students in ClassFlow gives teachers the tangible data to check student understanding and personalize their curriculum for all learning types.

Make it your Own

The Locker is a brand-new feature on ActivPanel Titanium that lets teachers access apps, upload content, and fully customize the ActivPanel experience. Browse and install apps from the Promethean Store onto the ActivPanel and gain untethered access to each part of the lesson.

The Promethean Chromebox is the perfect panel accessory for school districts with a Chrome OS ecosystem geared towards app-based learning. After successfully connecting the Chromebox to the ActivPanel, add apps with one click from Google Play. As the app list grows bigger, rearrange apps within the Locker to the teacher’s preferred layout. Closing out of apps from the Unified Menu will allow the panel to run at peak performance and segue smoothly between apps.

Beyond the PD Training

For self-directed learning, 70 percent of teachers chose online videos as their preferred instructional follow-up material. Learn Promethean is a practical resource that will help build a classroom culture that encourages learning with technology. Also, technology coordinators can access resource videos and support articles to give them the knowledge to ensure that ActivPanel Titanium displays are updated for all staff members.

Subscribing to the Promethean newsletter will keep teachers and administrators ahead of the latest technology trends and provide valuable teaching tips, helping them get the most out of ActivPanel Titanium. Earn badges to become an ActivPanel expert and continue to make the Promethean journey a road to success for teachers, administrators, and most importantly students.

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